EFD™ is protecting assets in

transmission distribution underground cable railway overhead networks

Explore the EFD™ advantages

Improving network reliability and safety
Proven Technology

The performance and accuracy of the EFD™  have been validated and proven over thousands of miles of assets

Easy Deployment

Smart sensors and cloud-based infrastructure makes deployment of EFD™ simple and cost-effective

Secure Data

Data is kept safe and secure through our ISO27001 practice

One System Multiple Applications

EFD™ can be deployed to assets from HVDC to 500kV AC

EFD™ reduces unplanned outages and improves reliability through proactive maintenance

EFD™ helps asset owners to identify top 10% of issues in the network and prioritize the maintenance works

Distribution Networks

EFD™  monitors distribution assets with voltages from 11kV to 33kV. EFD™ system is voltage-agnostic and can detect abnormalities in both bare and covered conductors, as well as aerial bundled conductors

Transmission Networks

EFD™ detects early faults on transmission lines and prevents assets from failing without any warning. EFD™ can be used to monitor transmission lines from 66kV to 500kV

Underground Cables

EFD™ detects failing cables and cable joints using the combination of a high-frequency current transformer and EFD™ data collection unit. Early warning of cable failure will assist users to remedy the issue before a catastrophic event occurs.

Railway Electrical System

EFD™ is currently being used to monitor AC and DC catenary wires of railway networks. Insulator failure and broken conductor strands can cause havoc to the railway operation if not detected earlier.

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