EFD™ System

Proven technology trusted by utilities across multiple applications

The transition from reactive to proactive maintenance

powered by EFD™ continuous monitoring
Patented Smart Sensors

Fast and simple installation means continuous monitoring can be achieved cost-effectively

Powerful Visualization Dashboard

Executive to chief engineers can assess critical data to get a snapshot of asset performance

Optimise for Large-scale Deloyment

Simple installation and cloud-based infrastructure enables asset owners to implement system-wide deployment

Multiple Applications

Deploying the same hardware across applications of various voltages in indoor/outdoor settings

EFD™  Smart Sensing & Data Visualization Platform

Assist users in identifing and locating emerging faults to an accuracy of 30 feet before they develop into actual faults

Testimonial from customers

“EFD™ manages the risk of faults happening – all I can say is this tech is magic.”

What is EFD™ ?

The EFD™ system is a preventative maintenance technology that remotely detects and locates radio frequency (RF) signals emitted by incipient energy asset faults, i.e. situations likely to develop into permanent faults or wildfire if left unremedied. EFD™ works independently of the mains-frequency operation of the power system and finds emerging low-current faults just as well as it finds high-current ones. 

The system is a combination of both hardware and software elements. Its architecture comprises wireless sensors, edge computing and an innovative IoT platform.

EFD™ Data Collection Site

The EFD™ data collection site is designed for fast deployment and quick installation. The site can be powered by a secondary main supply or solar battery power supply. No outage is required during installation.

EFD™  Data Visualization Dashboard

The EFD™ data visualization dashboard is powered by patented data analytic algorithms and data visualisation software. After an alert is issued by the EFD™ system, a user can use the dashboard to investigate the type and location of the issue.

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